A. Business Taxes State law requires that all businesses (with exceptions for certain professions, manufacturers, and disabled persons) inside the City of Decherd have both city and county business licenses. A simple form is completed on each business and a fee of $15.00 for the issue of the initial business license is levied. Business taxes, unlike property taxes, are not based on an assessment performed by a government agency. Business taxes are assessed against the gross receipts during a certain time period. Each year, gross receipts reporting forms are sent to all licensed businesses in a specific class. The business owner must file gross receipts figures, take certain deductions allowed and figured the tax owed.
Payments can be made by cash, personal check, or money order. You can conduct business tax matters at the City Hall between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Business tax information supplied to the city is confidential in accordance with state law. The city cannot give this information to anyone other than the business owner or his/her authorized agent unless the records are under subpoena by a court.
B. Beef Permits and Liquor License The sale of alcoholic beverages is regulated by state and local laws. Beer permit applications may be picked up at City Hall. When returned the application must be accompanied by a $250 fee that is non-refundable. A background check will be made by the Police Chief. Applications for liquor-by-the-drink may also be obtained from City Hall.
The beer permit applicant must appear before the Beer Board for consideration of their request for a beer permit. The application process can be lengthy so applicants should apply well before opening their business or purchasing an existing business.
Beer permits are not transferable and a new owner cannot operate under a previous owner's license. Stocking beer (actually holding beer on property you own or operate) without a beer permit is a violation of the beer permit law and could result in denial of an application for a permit. Beer permits are due on January 1 each year and are $100. Failure to renew a beer permit within the first month can result in denying a permit. New beer permits are appropriated according to the time issued.
Liquor-by-the-drink licenses are authorized by the State Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Local Business will pay the same annual fee for the local license as the state license.
For information on either a beer permit or liquor license, call the City Hall at (931) 967-5181.

Decherd Business License
To Register for Business License in the City of Decherd
Download the Form to the Right
Dill the form out completely.
Dring $15.00 to the Decherd City Hall
Mail the Application and Monies to:
Decherd City Hall
1301 W. Main St.
Decherd, TN 37324

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